HiFi is a privately held, Toronto-based company that is responsible for creating channels in high-definition format and delivering them to each of its clients – major cable and satellite companies (e.g., Bell ExpressVu, Rogers, Cogeco) who then send the signal out to their customers. High definition or “HD” refers to a high-quality digital television format, with a considerably higher resolution than traditional formats.

Investment highlights:

  • Generates monthly recurring revenue based on the number of subscribers to its channels
  • Protects regular monthly cash flow through long-term contracts
  • Draws on a library of 800 hours of programming, either under license or produced in-house
  • Accesses a secure supply of high-quality programming from Rainbow Media
  • Occupies a niche in the marketplace as it offers more all-HD programming than any other Canadian broadcasting company
  • Has the potential to absorb explosive growth at low marginal cost

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Headquartered in Winnipeg, Agrifinance and AgriCard have been leading independent providers of financial solutions to the Canadian agricultural sector for more than 20 years.

Investment highlights:

      • Well-established market position in an upward trending Canadian agricultural industry
      • Widespread equipment and retail distribution network across western Canada
      • High-quality and diversified asset portfolios that generate recurring revenue streams
      • Proprietary and disciplined underwriting, servicing and collecting processes
      • Extensive number of growth initiatives AgriFinancial can pursue

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Bermingham Foundation Solutions, a Hamilton, Ontario-based company, builds customized heavy equipment for sale or lease to the specialty foundation industry. Additionally, the company provides specialized foundation construction services, employing Bermingham equipment, to clientele in infrastructure and real estate sectors.

Investment highlights:

  • Infrastructure is a booming sector and heavy capital investment is needed across the globe to renew existing infrastructure and expand in developing areas.
  • Bermingham Foundation Solutions uses world class technology and construction techniques in specialty foundation work.
  • There are significant technical and physical barriers to entry for a competitor to compete on both the construction and manufacturing aspects of the business. Additionally, the company’s vertical integration is difficult to replicate.
  • The management team has a strong track record of success and innovation.
  • Bermingham has global recognition in specialty foundation equipment.

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Windward Telecom will provide long distance services and private data networks to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago commencing in January 2008. Windward has positioned itself as a low cost provider of telecommunications services via high capacity fibre optic cable to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and will market to a number of independent Internet Service Providers, other telephony carriers and companies.

Investment highlights:

  • Highly scalable business model generating recurring revenues capable of serving new clients with limited additional investment
  • Need for additional capacity is driven by a steady stream of new applications and services demanded by Caribbean countries as they industrialize
  • Low cost fibre optic leases enable Windward Telecom to operate at significantly lower cost than established carriers with large physical networks
  • Windward Telecom has further reduced its cost structure by sub-leasing some of its available capacity to other companies
  • International carriers are seeking alternative carriers to provide telephone capacity into the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Longer-term opportunity to extend the business model to surrounding countries

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Salbro Bottle Group is an established designer, manufacturer and distributor of packaging components, specializing in glass and plastic bottles. Serving a broad range of sectors, Salbro products form part of the packaging for many household brand name products.

Investment highlights:

  • Strong, diversified customer base of household name brands
  • Combination of complementary manufacturing and distribution businesses reduces volatility and risk
  • Experienced management team has over 100 years of collective experience in the container manufacturing and distribution fields
  • C.A. Bancorp has structured an investment that is intended to provide downside protection and significant upside as Salbro executes its growth plan

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Kingswood Drive Apartments

The Kingswood Drive Apartments is strategically located in the south end of Kitchener, Ontario, with excellent access to major malls, the downtown area and major highways. The buildings are composed of one- and two-bedroom units and this investment represents an acquisition of a strong cash flow generating property, with consistently high occupancy rates.

Investment Highlights:

  • Low-risk investment that has no construction risk, with the added benefit of buildings that have an established history of occupancy
  • Buildings that are well located and were purchased at an attractive price with strong historical and existing cash flow
  • Excellent opportunity to partner with an experienced multi-resident real estate manager
  • Significant upside potential upon completion of property improvements and upgrades

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